Pitch Review: April 8 2023

Pitch Review with Ecru, in collaboration with Recess. An afternoon for photographers and filmmakers in the GTA to present their project concepts and receive constructive feedback on all aspects of your proposal.

You must have a registered ticket with a time slot in order to attend. Ticket price has been subsidised.


  • 1-on-1 sessions to walkthrough and review your film treatment, photography series, or proposal to work with your dream client
  • Tailored advice for your idea, treatment, or proposal at any stage
  • Gain tips on concept development and creating a treatment ready to be executed
  • Resource suggestions for how to take your concept to the next steps



Recess is a space to explore creative mediums.

With community-led workshops for those who want to try something new, and provide a platform through a shop and meets to those exploring ideas and in need of a voice.

Broadening the possibilities to ideas we wouldn't have seen, or make connections we wouldn't have made without play.

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