A free, in-person screenwriting workshop for early-career and aspiring filmmakers with little-to-no formal training.


‘Ideas From I’ is a virtual concept development program for pan-Asian photographers and filmmakers aged 18-29 across the GTA, with no formal training in their discipline.

From this 3-weekend workshop participants will walk away with a fleshed-out concept in the form of a treatment deck ready to be executed.

'Ideas From I' will provide mentorship and learning opportunities for emerging artists to safely express themselves. 

Our aim is to demystify industry knowledge and equip participants with the skills and confidence to communicate their ideas.

Ask an Art Director

Ask an Art Director is a series of free online talks with decision makers in creative industries, demystifying industry knowledge around hiring practices, pay, and freelancing.

In an industry that's often about who you know and what you know...this is our effort to level the playing field.

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