Sunprint in the Park: Sept 9, 2023

Sunprint in the Park is a free beginner-friendly cyanotype workshop using sun print paper and foraged flora to make connections with our space and each other.

This workshop prioritises BIPOC youth artists (16-29) in the GTA with little to no formal training. Participants will be led through journalling prompts reflecting on concepts such as abundance, freedom, and change.

Utilising collage and mixed media, participants will be guided through cutting, pasting, and assembling visual representations of the future worlds they envisioned.

The goal is for participants to feel agency and confidence in making a vision board for the life they want to live, to forge new connections with others at the workshop, and to feel safe and welcomed in the space enough to share their hopes and dreams.

Funding for this programming has been provided by Park People.

  • Emerging photographers, visual artists in Toronto
  • Anyone interested in alternative photography processes 


  • We are a grassroots initiative supporting emerging creatives, founded by self-taught and self-employed photographers and directors.
  • We recognize the financial, institutional, and cultural barriers of breaking into creative industries because we’ve experienced it firsthand.
  • We know that formal training is not the only indicator of experience and talent.
  • We understand that representation in casting talent but not in decision-making roles and crew is merely tokenism.
  • We have had enough of “listening and learning” and want to see actionable change.
  • We believe in connection and community over competition. |

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